Join Aster & special guest hosts as they recount spooky tales about the great state of Maine, both independently researched and submitted to the Paranormal Maine tracker. You'll get stories about ghosts, UFO encounters, cryptid sightings, and maybe even a secret society or two.

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The Menagerie - New Year, New Worlds, Part 2

In part two of our five-part New Years series, we explore the different species reported by folks claiming contact or abduction by extraterrestrial visitors. We go ove...

Look in the Sky! - New Year, New Worlds Part 1

In part one of our five-part New Years series, we explore the basics of UFO research and classification, including the different types of UFO sightings and encounters ...

Yuletide After Dark

Join us as we slow things down for the holiday in this off-week special episode. A classic old ghost story read to the relaxing sounds of a crackling fire. Let the cre...

The Haunted History of AMHI

Join Aster & Kel as they dive into the tragic history of one of the most haunted places in the world: The Augusta Mental Health Institute.

The Ghost and the Goatman

What do James McAvoy, Paul Bunyan, and a Goatman residing in the Maine woods have in common? Tune in for the answer to that question, and to hear about one of Maine’s ...

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